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Coding Kata

Page history last edited by Simon Roberts 13 years, 11 months ago


Simon Roberts


The Idea

To perform a coding Kata - using a simple goal implemented using TDD in as many programming languages as people are interested in.


From Wikipedia:


Kata (型 or 形 literally: "form") is a Japanese word describing detailed choreographed patterns of movements practiced either solo or in pairs.


In the context of agile software development, many in the code craftsmanship movement use Katas to sharpen their development skills and to help commit these skills to "muscle memory".


What We Did

We started by watching a video of Robert (Uncle Bob) Martin performing a Kata:


Prime Factors Kata in Ruby, Flower Duet, Lakme' from unclebob on Vimeo.


2 individuals and 1 pair then committed to try a Kata. We decided that the goal should be to develop code to calculate the Fibonacci sequence using TDD.


Richard decided to use Java, Paul and Martin decided to use Ruby and Simon Smalltalk.


In the remainder of the slot, the Java and Ruby implementations were completed. Simon made some progress (several cycles of write a small test/write just enough code to make it pass/write another small test were completed) although discovered that Smalltalk without a real mouse is rather impracticable.


Simon subsequently completed the exercise on the train home to Berlin.


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